The Rita Sanders Geier Scholarship

The Rita Geier Sanders Scholarship is awarded to APSU African American students who have enhanced the APSU campus life through their commitment to academic excellence. This scholarship is to assist in the retention of African American students, as well as aid them in completing their academic career.

This is a one-time scholarship awarded to APSU African American students. The student must be a currently-enrolled full-time Junior or Senior with a cumulative 2.8 GPA to be considered. We encourage you to apply each year through our APSU Scholarship Application. Although this scholarship is not automatically renewed, you could be considered if you reapply.

Category: [_GENERAL]

$1300 possibly divided by multiple recipients
Supplemental Questions
  1. Use the section below to request one letter of recommendation (preferably from a teacher or professor).
  2. Complete and submit a 500 word maximum, 350 word minimum, typed response for the following: Identify an African American from the African American Civil Rights Era who has made a significant impact on education. Explain how this person has influenced your own educational journey. Please be sure to properly cite any information.
  3. Why should you be selected to receive this award? (300 word maximum; 150 word minimum)